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Welcome to "GitHub from Scratch", a course developed and maintained by OpenTechSchool!

Today we will show you around GitHub, one of the most popular online platforms for sharing code and collaborating on projects. Our focus for this course will be on the tools GitHub provides to create websites and even blogs easily from within the platform.

The course is intended for beginners: if you know how to use a browser, you're good to go. You will learn and install everything else on the go. If you have seen some HTML before it will help, but it is not required. We will show you around the basics.

What we'll do today

There are two main parts of this course. The first one, "Learning How To Sail", will equip you with the basics of working with GitHub. We will show you some easy HTML and CSS, too.

In "Sail Away!" you can choose your own route. Depending on your interests you can take a closer look on different topics, ranging from the Magic Realms of Jekyll and Markdown to the depths of Git. With the help of our friendly coaches you might master GitHub and build your own blog!

Oh, and there will be cats, too.

The Course

Please read through the first part step by step, as these chapters build on top of each other. In each there will be small challenges to master. For completing some of them you will need a peer, so you better be nice to your co-learners. Don't say we didn't warn you.

In the second part of the course the chapters can be mixed as you wish. Choose what you find most interesting and go on from there. In the end, you'll find some useful links to more treasures of learning.

What are you waiting for? Let's begin!