Free hosting on Heroku

There are a few popular sites which let you host your Python websites for free. One of the easiest and most popular is Heroku.

Though it was originally a hosting site for Ruby on Rails it has since expanded to cover a great number of programming languages. Now that you have done some work on Flask you can try the Getting Started with Python on Heroku article on Heroku. They specifically start with a Flask app because it is so simple and straight-forward to use.

Earlier in the workshop you saw the final working Cats Everywhere website. You may have noticed that it was also running on Heroku. So if you are looking for a simple example for getting up and running take a look at the python-flask-code repository. That’s the code that we send to Heroku, and you can see how we use requirements.txt and Procfile to start a Flask application.

Good luck and happy hacking!