Here are some useful resources to keep around as you work through the workshop:

Cheat Sheet

Cheat sheets are an invaluable resource when learning HTML and CSS. We suggest opening the PDF cheat sheets at these links and keeping them around to refer to as you work through the workshop.

  • HTML5 - Use this sheet for try out new HTML tag.
  • CSS3 - Use this sheet for try out new CSS selectors.
  • CSS Lint - Use this site to let your CSS be checked automatically for mistakes.

Reference material

The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), by the people who make Firefox, host some great resources:

  • HTML Portal - Guides, intros, tutorials, references, elements, attributes...
  • HTML Reference - Every HTML element listed, find out about them all, and make use of them!
  • CSS Portal - Tutorials for writing effective CSS, demos of CSS3, and much more.
  • CSS Reference - More CSS properties and classes than you can shake a stick at.
  • Google Fonts - Here you can play around with Font and apply it to your project without downloading it.

Learning resources

  • CodeAcademy - A good hands-on tutorial to keep you learning.